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The Cambridge Centre for teaching and Learning (CCTL) Steering Committee is a joint body of the General Board's Education Committee and the Senior Tutor's Standing Committee on Education. Its primary objective is to manage the strategic and operational direction of the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning by a focus for educational enhancement in taught programmes in collegiate Cambridge. 

In particular, the Committee aims: 

  1. to provide a forum for identification and discussion of issues relating to teaching and learning, curriculum and assessment design;
  2. to identify, and provide information on best practice in teaching and learning;
  3. to organise University teaching fora, such as a teaching conference, and supporting institutions within collegiate Cambridge in developing their own initiatives;
  4. to develop networks to encourage the sharing and development of good practice;
  5. to encourage, develop and provide access to introductory and continuing professional courses for those with teaching responsibilities;
  6. to take on responsibility for study skills development and the Transkills website, including support for transitions between school and university, within the Tripos and between undergraduate and postgraduate study;
  7. to administer the Pilkington Teaching Prize awards and annual ceremony; 
  8. to collaborate with the Digital Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee on the implementation of the University's Digital Education Strategy;
  9. to engage, where appropriate, with other insitutions and organisations on matters of teaching and learning;
  10. to create a strategy for the sustainability of educational enhancement at the collegiate University. 

For more information on the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning, visit the website

The Chair of the Committee is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), Professor Graham Virgo.

The Secretary of the Committee is Dr Marianna Kaimaki.

If you have any business for the Committee to discuss, or would like further information, please email the Secretary at

Click here to access a copy of the CCTL Strategy.