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Education Quality and Policy Office


Each faculty is attached to one of six Schools, which represent administrative groupings of cognate disciplines. School business is transacted through the Councils of the Schools, comprising senior representatives of the constituent faculties and departments in each School. At least one member of each Council is a member of the General Board.

Each Council acts as a coordinating organisation for its group of faculties and departments. They serve to promote links between their constituent faculties, to distribute amongst them (taking into account their teaching and other activities) funds allocated to the School by the General Board, and to advise the General Board on their faculties' resource needs and the priorities to be accorded to them.

The Councils of the Schools contribute to the University's teaching quality assurance arrangements through their appointment of members for panels for internal reviews, and by commenting on the reports of those reviews in particular where they impinge on the School’s strategic planning or resource allocation priorities.

Councils of Schools are consulted about resource implications of major changes to courses or the introduction of new programmes, and need to approve such developments before they can be considered by the General Board's Education Committee.

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