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Most faculties (and various other institutions) have their own Degree Committee, which has a number of formal responsibilities including recommending the admission of graduate students, making arrangements for the supervision of their work and determining the award of the MPhil Degree and certain Diplomas and Certificates, and recommending to the Board of Graduate Studies the award (or otherwise) of the PhD Degree.

Degree Committees often delegate the day-to-day administration of MPhil courses to sub-committees and/or MPhil co-ordinators. Aside from the administrative benefits, such bodies and individuals signal the proper consideration of the particular needs of MPhil students within a faculty's graduate student community and provide a visible focus for those students' enquiries.

It is recommended that Degree Committees, either directly or through a Graduate Education Committee and (where applicable) MPhil Sub-Committees, annually review the working of graduate courses within their remit and make provision to receive feedback from graduate students. Degree Committees will wish to consider, where such provision does not already exist, whether officers in addition to the Chair and Secretary of the Degree Committee (e.g. Graduate Adviser, MPhil Co-ordinator) are required for the smooth running of graduate activities within the faculty. Degree Committees in faculties which are divided into departments will also wish to consider the procedures which are necessary for consultation with individual departments and for appropriate parity of provision across those departments. They will also wish to consider appropriate means whereby the Faculty keeps abreast of relevant external developments in graduate education (for example, the policies of the relevant Research Councils).

Example: Degree Committee of a faculty (without departments)

The constitution of the Degree Committee is the same as that of the Faculty Board without junior members. The Chairman of the Faculty Board chairs the Degree Committee. The Degree Committee transacts the business required of it by Ordinance as well as considering general issues of relevance to graduate courses and students, including arrangements for their assessment and progress monitoring during their course. The Degree Committee is responsible for recommending new courses or change of courses to the Faculty Board. As well as the Secretary of the Degree Committee the faculty has the post of MPhil Co-ordinator, who deals specifically with MPhil business, and Graduate Adviser who is concerned with educational, welfare and financial matters for graduate students.