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Education Quality and Policy Office


Faculty Boards are statutorily responsible to the General Board, via its Education Committee, for ensuring that teaching within the faculty is appropriate and of a high standard. Syndicates act as cross-departmental Faculty Boards in some areas of study.

Faculty Boards receive information, advice and recommendations from University-level bodies and from various subcommittees set up to meet the academic culture of the faculty in question. The names of these subcommittees and their constitutions vary considerably, though their activities address the general expectations for learning and teaching quality assurance set down by the University.

Faculty Boards also take account of external developments in their subject areas, and are expected to consider and address the recommendations and requirements of any associated Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Bodies.

In addition to any internal sub-committees set up to manage teaching provision, Faculty Boards are also required to consult formally with relevant Directors of Studies' Committees and the relevant Council of the School if their academic provision has a significant impact on College teaching provision or University resource allocation respectively.

Please also see the guidance about Reserved Business and its use by Faculty Boards.