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Education Quality and Policy Office


ESP provides the secretariat for the University Committee on Student Health and Wellbeing, which reports to the General Board through its Education Committee.

The Committee on Student Health and Wellbeing reports to the General Board through the Education Committee and its terms of reference are to:

  1. exercise strategic oversight of, and take responsibility for development of University provision of health and wellbeing services to students;
  2. ensure appropriate coordination of health and wellbeing services for students across the Collegiate University to provide efficient and effective support;
  3. provide a forum for discussions and exchange of information between the Collegiate University and local NHS providers, including GPs, to ensure appropriate integration and coordination of services;
  4. provide practical advice to the Education Committee; Board of Examinations; Applications Committee; Board of Graduate Studies; and other committees as required, on development of policy and its implementation.

The Committee has drafted a Strategy and an Action plan for Student Wellbeing.

The Chair of the Committee is Dr D Wood.  The Secretary of the Committee is Ms Katherine Springthorpe from Educational & Student Policy,, to whom enquiries should be address in the first instance.

The Joint Advisory Group on Communicable Diseases advises both the University, through the Committee on Student Health and Wellbeing, and the Colleges, through the Senior Tutors' Committee, on policy and produces guidelines on communicable diseases. It also acts as an Incident management Team in the event of a major outbreak.

The Disability Resource Centre and University Counselling Service are also part of the Academic Division reporting though Educational and Student Policy.

The Executive Committee of the Counselling Service is supported by ESP.