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Education Quality and Policy Office


As a result of the Examination Review completed in 2017, the Board of Examinations was replaced by the Examinations and Assessment Committee in Michaelmas Term 2018.   Read the full Examination Review report here; for more information please contact Catherine Fage

The Committee assumes responsibility for quality assurance of examinations, maintenance of standards, and ensuring the integrity of the examination process.  It reports to the General Board through its Education Committee.

The Committee currently meets twice a term and the dates for 2021-22 are;

  • 27 October 2021
  • 24 November 2021
  • 09 February 2022
  • 09 March 2022
  • 20 April 2022
  • 01 June 2022

If you have any business for the Committee to discuss, or would like further information, please email the Secretary, Emma Paulus.

Examination Guidance

Guidance on Examination Administration and Examination Arrangements

Archived Annual Report from the Secretary of the Board of Examinations

The Secretary to the Board of Examinations reported on annual activity; archived reports are available to members of the University on request to Catherine Fage.

Terms of Reference and Membership

1. The Examination and Assessment Committee shall be a sub-committee of the Education Committee of the General Board.

2. The Committee shall consist of:

  • (a) a member of the General Board, appointed as Chair, who shall also be a member of the Education Committee;
  • (b) three persons appointed by the General Board;
  • (c) two Senior Tutors appointed by the Senior Tutors’ Committee;
  • (d) a person nominated by Cambridge Assessment who has expertise in assessment;
  • (e) a member of the Proctorial body nominated by the Proctors;
  • (f)  two student members appointed by the Education Committee.

Members in classes (a)–(d) shall serve for three years. The Secretary shall be appointed by the Registrary.

The Chair shall have authority to invite others to attend meetings, where relevant to the discussion.

A meeting of the Committee shall be quorate if at least four of the members in classes (a)–(c) are present.

3. The Examination and Assessment Committee shall be responsible for oversight of the quality assurance of all examinations except those for graduate courses assessed by thesis and oral which are the responsibility of the Board of Graduate Studies. Such oversight shall include:

  • (a) oversight of policy for assessment and examination (including development of new methods of assessment; and review of volume of assessment);
  • (b) quality assurance of examinations to ensure appropriateness of assessment and maintenance of degree standards (including review of External and Senior Examiners’ reports including adequacy of Faculty Board and Degree Committee responses; and identification of good practice and areas of concern);
  • (c) policy in respect of examination access arrangements, including reasonable adjustments and alternative modes of assessment pre-examination; and in respect of mitigating circumstances post-examination;
  • (d) oversight of implementation of policies, and annual reporting to the General Board and Council on cases managed by the Examination Access and Mitigation Committee;
  • (e) the integrity of the examination process (including setting of rules for candidates to ensure proper conduct of examinations and imposition of fines for infringement of the rules for candidates; receiving reports from the Proctors; examination security, cheating, and procedural irregularities; and the budget for examinations).

4. Minutes of the Committee’s meetings, and such other reports as may be requested from time to time, shall be provided to the Education Committee.