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Education Quality and Policy Office


Overall responsibility for the supervision of the University's educational policies and provision rests with the General Board of the Faculties, which is accountable to the Council and, through it, to the Regent House. This body, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, comprises twelve members of the Regent House (of which eight are appointed by the Councils of the Schools and four appointed by the Council) and two student members (one undergraduate and one graduate).

The General Board's statutory responsibilities include a requirement to ensure that adequate facilities for teaching are available, that appropriate courses of study are provided, and that teaching is of the highest standard. The Board also: approve the University's teaching programmes, keep under review the regulations for the majority of the University's examinations, and ensure the proper observance of those regulations.

The Board's overall remit and membership enables itto set educational developments in the context of the resources available, within both individual institutions and across the University. By allowing its standing committees (all of which include members of the Board) delegated responsibility for more straightforward business, the Board is better able to focus on strategic issues.

The principal standing committee for the consideration of educational matters is the Education Committee.