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Education Quality and Policy Office


The International Student Team provides the secretariat for the Standing Committee on Student Mobility, which reports to the General Board through its Education Committee.


Dr David Good, Chair

Dr Claire Barlow, Department of Engineering

Dr James Keeler, Department of Chemistry

Dr Rebecca Reich, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Language

Mr Richard Hooley, Faculty of Law

Dr Geoff Parks, Senior Tutors’ Committee

Mr Anthony Dangerfield, Secretary


Terms of reference

  1. Develop and keep under review a strategic approach to student mobility outside the UK at graduate and undergraduate level taking into consideration the collegiate University’s appetite for mobility, the financial implications and barriers to mobility that might exclude participation;
  2. Advise the Education Committee on general matters of student mobility and provide direction on the development of arrangements to facilitate this activity;
  3. Review and oversee the approval of agreements under Erasmus+ Key Action 1, staff and student mobility;
  4. Review, oversee and approve distribution of financial support permissible under Erasmus+ Key Action 1;
  5. Consider and advise on proposed agreements for student mobility with overseas institutions;
  6. Develop and keep under review guidance for host institutions on visiting student arrangements.