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Education Quality and Policy Office


Each teaching institution has a designated Quality Contact who is normally the first person with whom Educational and Student Policy will liaise on quality assurance matters. The role of the Quality Contact is to:

  • receive information from the Educational and Student Policy section about the University's quality assurance and enhancement procedures;
  • disseminate this information to relevant officers or committees in the faculty or department;
  • where necessary, coordinate any required actions and inform the Educational and Student Policy section;
  • provide information relevant to quality assurance and institutional review to the Educational and Student Policy section.

Suggested candidates include:

  • Departmental/Faculty Administrator
  • Secretary of Teaching Committee (or similar body)
  • Secretary of the Faculty Board

Each Quality Contact will also have a contact within Educational and Student Policy with whom they can liaise about quality assurance and enhancement. Contact details for members of the Educational and Student Policy team are published on the ESP website.

To discuss any aspect of the Quality Contact role, please contact Jane Clare at

Members of the University can also access the list of Quality Contacts for each Department (Raven protected).