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Education Quality and Policy Office


This page lists the Liaison Officers within Educational and Student Policy who are assigned to University institutions and common themes.  Alternatively, if you can't find what you are looking for then please email us and we can forward your query to the most appropriate person.


Institution Who to contact:

School of Arts and Humanities

University Language Centre

Department of Veterinary Medicine

Jo Overhill

School of the Biological Sciences (excluding Veterinary Medicine)

School of the Physical Sciences

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

School of Clinical Medicine

Jane Clare

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences (excluding Education and HPS)

Marianna Kaimaki

School of Technology

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Faculty of Education

Melissa Rielly
Institute of Continuing Education

Jo Overhill (undergraduate courses)

Marianna Kaimaki (postgraduate courses)


Themes & Ongoing Projects

Topic Who to contact:
Academic Standards and Enhancement Committee (ASEC) Jo Overhill
Admissions and Outreach Review Ian Jones
Appointment of Examiners and Assessors Jane Clare
Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning
Changes to a course, including Regulations, Form and Conduct Notices Your Liaison Officer listed above
Digital Advocates Network Melissa Rielly
Examination review Jane Clare
Foreign Travel Fund Jo Overhill
Graduate Prospectus entries (GAObase) Your Liaison Officer listed above
Graduate Tutors' Committee Kerri Gardiner
Learning and Teaching Reviews Jo Overhill
Lecture Capture Melissa Rielly
Natural Sciences Tripos Jane Clare
New courses (undergraduate and postgraduate) Your Liaison Officer listed above
Overall Degree Classification Jane Clare
Part-time Master's courses Gemma Long
Professional, Regulatory, and Statutory Bodies (PSRBs) Jane Clare
Programme specifications Melissa Rielly
Senior Tutors' Committee Katherine Springthorpe or Alice Benton
Senior Tutors' Standing Committee on Education Jo Overhill
Senior Tutors' Standing Committee on Finance and Welfare Katherine Springthorpe
Student health and wellbeing Katherine Springthorpe and Chad Allen
Student Support Initiative Isobel Humphrey
Student surveys (NSS, Student Barometer) Marianna Kaimaki
Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Gemma Long
Technology-enabled Learning (TEL) Isobel Humphrey
Transition year Alex Pryce
Turnitin and plagiarism Melissa Rielly
Unistats/Discover Uni information (previously KIS - Key Information Sets) Melissa Rielly
University Timetable system Melissa Rielly