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Educational and Student Policy


These pages look at how the curriculum and assessment underpin learning and teaching, and encourages a strategic reflection on educational activities.


New courses

This section outlines the necessary documentation and points to consider when proposing a new course, whether undergraduate or graduate.

Existing courses

These pages will help you in considering and proposing changes to existing courses, including understanding and writing Notices and Regulations, setting up a new MPhil/MRes programme, and how to increase papers in the Tripos.

Illegal combinations and incuria

This section will explain the General Board's policy on illegal paper combinations and incuria in the Tripos, and what to do if you need to put forward a case.

Collaborative and placement learning

For new or existing courses considering incorporating a placement or collaborative element, these pages provide good practice guidance, and information on required protocol.

Learning aims and outcomes

How to write and revise the learning aims and outcomes for new or existing courses.




Appropriateness of award

This page gives details of the considerations within the wider higher education sector when deciding what types of assessment should be used.

Assessment practices and expectations

This page outlines the General Board's expectations of Assessment practices at the University.

Types of assessment

This section outlines the main types of assessment carried out at the University, and considerations for Faculty Boards and Degree Committees when considering forms of assessment.

Examiners' Reports

This page outlines the reporting and response requirements for reports from External Examiners.

Retention of examination data

This page provides information on the expectations of Faculty Board examinations data retention policies.