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Education Quality and Policy Office


These pages will help you in considering and proposing changes to existing courses, including understanding and writing Notices and Regulations, rescinding an MPhil/MRes programme, and how to increase papers in the Tripos.

Courses making substantial changes should refer to the guidance for New Courses.  In the context of this guidance, "substantial revisions" includes the introduction of one or more new teaching areas to an existing course, significant structural changes (e.g., changing IA/IB/II to I/IIA/IIB) and changes to current provision which have resource implications for the Faculty, Department or School.


Notices and Regulations

This section helps to identify when Notices and Regulation changes are required, who is responsible for producing them, and how to make a change.  This includes variable papers announced yearly, changes to Tripos and MPhil regulations, publication of Form and Conduct Notices, and discontinuing a paper or course on the Tripos. 

Rescinding an MPhil/MRes or MSt degree

This section covers how to withdraw a course at the Master's level; this does not include changing modules, which is covered in the section on Notices and Regulations.

Increasing papers in the Tripos

This section contains information on how to introduce new papers into a Tripos.