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Educational and Student Policy


This information can be used when setting up a new MPhil/MRes Degree or significantly amending an MPhil/MRes and/or its examination.

All proposals for new and significantly amended MPhil/MRes courses must be made to the General Board's Education Committee using the Committee's application forms. The Committee welcomes additional information but will always require this to be accompanied by the items set out in the Application Checklist and Form.

If you are proposing a new premium fee category, you will need to make a special case. A consolidated list of fees (cam-only) is available from the Planning and Resources Allocation Office.

Applications should be made to the Education Committee by the appropriate Degree Committee, after consultation with the appropriate Faculty Board and Council of the School.

The Student Registry will need to be consulted about any unseen examinations for which it will be responsible.

Note: the General Regulations for the Masters Degrees of Philosophy and Research delineate three routes of study which are referred to in the Committee's application documentation:

  1. Route A: one year of full-time study
  2. Route B: two years of full-time study, including a prescribed period of study (of not more than three terms) outside Cambridge
  3. Route C: two years of part-time study

As and when the General Board approve the application, the University Draftsman prepares a Notice to appear in the Reporter.

  • For new courses, the Notice will include both the Special Regulations for the Examination and a brief description of the course
  • For existing courses, the Notice will concern the amendments to the Special Regulations only.

Faculties should consult the Careers Service as courses are being developed so that appropriate provision can be made.

There is no fixed timetable for considering proposed new courses. However,

  • a proposal will normally need approval by the Education Committee by, at the latest, the end of the Michaelmas Term prior to the Michaelmas Term from which the course begins;
  • for a new course to appear in the Graduate Studies Prospectus, the course will need to be approved by the end of the Lent Term for inclusion in the prospectus for the year next following (e.g. if a new course is to appear in the prospectus for 2014-15, it will need to have been approved by Lent Term 2014). Full entries for new courses can only be accepted when the course has received Education Committee approval.

The Officers of Educational and Student Policy are always willing to discuss and comment on proposals in draft. Similarly, the Draftsman can advise on the format of Special Regulations.

Guidance on establishing new Masters of Studies programmes is provided by the Institute of Continuing Education.

Please send your application to the Secretary of the Education Committee at 17 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RX.