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Education Quality and Policy Office


Annual Programme Reviews (which replaced Annual Quality Updates in October 2017) are used by the University as part of its monitoring and review of programmes which includes 6 yearly learning and teaching reviews and first year reviews for new programmes.  External Examiners reports and student survey data are also used as QA checkers.

The aims of the programme reviews are to:

  • enable the Education Committee to maintain central oversight of current topics of interest and how they are being addressed, and to identify matters which would benefit from a University-wide response
  • encourage institutions in reflecting on their programmes and identifying areas for improvement or of good practice
  • form part of the University’s Quality Assurance and Enhancement processes

During Michaelmas Term institutions will be asked to complete a review for each of their programmes.  Once all reviews are collated, an Educational and Student Policy Officer will scrutinize them and produce a report for the General Board's Education Committee bringing together recent and upcoming changes, common areas for further attention and good practice to be disseminated.  Examples of good practice will be forwarded to CCTL (Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning).

If you have any comments or questions about the process, please contact Jane Clare, ESP's QA contact,on

Internal users can access reports from previous learning and teaching quality update exercises (Raven protected).