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Education Quality and Policy Office


Review Committees are expected to conduct their business in an appropriately transparent manner, but without undermining the integrity of the review. Throughout the process the institution should be given as much information as possible about the Review Committee's thinking to enable it to respond to issues effectively.

Committee members will be invited to declare any potential conflicts of interest at the first meeting. These may be relevant later in the proceedings e.g. when discussing resources if a member of the Committee is in the same School as the institution under review. If the Committee invites views from any bodies or individuals about the institution under review, the institution should be able to see those comments in the interests of transparency and fairness. This should be made clear to any such individuals or bodies.

Each review will include at least one visit by the Review Committee to the institution concerned. Amongst the groups to be met, each Review Committee will expect to meet representatives samples of the institution's students, covering each of the award-bearing courses with which the institution is involved.

The Review Committee's deliberations during the review process are confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone else.