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Education Quality and Policy Office


The Review Committee will produce a report summarising its activities and findings and highlighting teaching and learning innovations and good practice, together with its recommendations and commendations. The report will include a recommendation, with reasons, to say whether or not a Full Review is necessary.

The process is as follows:

  1. The report will be sent to the Head of the Institution and the Secretary of the Council of the School for factual corrections.
  2. The corrected final version will be forwarded to Educational and Student Policy which will, unless an alternative process is considered necessary (in view of, for example, the nature of the recommendations or the timing of meetings), send the report to the institution and its Faculty Board (or equivalent body) for formal comment.
  3. The institution/Faculty Board's formal response, and the report, will then be considered by the General Board's Education Committee, which will subsequently report to the General Board.
  4. The General Board (or its Education Committee) will determine the actions to be taken in light of the report's recommendations and the responses to it, and establish a timetable for those actions.
  5. The minute of the General Board's discussion, with the report and the institution's response, will be sent to the relevant Council of the School for information, and will be accessible online as a pdf document to local users.
  6. The Education Section will provide feedback on the General Board's discussion and agreed actions to the Review Committee's Secretary for transmission to the Committee.
  7. The Education Committee will ensure that actions agreed under (4) are undertaken.

A template for the report is provided (local access only):