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Education Quality and Policy Office


The General Board, through its Education Committee, sets the timetable for learning and teaching reviews in negotiation with the Councils of the Schools. Since the timetable runs on a six-year cycle, the approximate timing of reviews is known well in advance. Where possible and applicable the General Board will have regard to the timing of visits by relevant Professional, Regulatory and Statutory Bodies.

Learning and teaching must remain at a consistently high standard whatever is happening in an institution, and perhaps especially at a time of change, therefore the General Board will not usually agree to defer a review. Normally the only accepted arguments for deferring a review are relocation, merger with another institution or an accreditation visit (if this will require radically different preparation from that required for the Learning and Teaching Review).

Initial steps in the review process

Heads of Institutions should be aware that their institution will undergo review in the near future since they will have been contacted by the Secretary of the Council of the School or other relevant body to confirm that this is acceptable. The institution may also have been contacted to suggest nominations for members of the Review Committee.

In the Easter Term or Long Vacation preceding the year in which a Learning and Teaching Review will take place, Educational and Student Policy will convene a meeting between the Head of the Institution under review, the Secretary and/or Chair of the Review Committee and an Education Officer to discuss the review process and, in particular, the production of the institution's submission

The Education Section will also provide detailed guidance to the institution and to members of the Review Committee. All these documents are available to download. Of course the Education Section is happy to provide further support and advice as necessary throughout the process.