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Education Quality and Policy Office


The University allows for credit-bearing certificates and diplomas offered by a number of approved 'Administering Bodies', including the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), the Language Centre, the Faculty of Education, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Judge Business School, and the Faculty of Divinity.

Students following these part-time, professional or executive education courses are not required to be matriculated members of the University, nor to have College membership.

Institutions wishing to offer award bearing courses of this type are invited to do so through ICE or one of the other recognised Administering Bodies, or to appy to be recognised as 'Administering Bodies' by the General Board. The Board will expect award bearing courses of this type to have quality assurance arrangements equivalent to those for the Tripos and taught postgraduate courses. These will include:

  • local course review, including arrangements for actively engaging with students about the quality of their educational experience;
  • appointment of external examiners and consideration of their reports;
  • local review and response procedures for examination results and student complaints;
  • agreed programme specifications; marking and classing schemes.

Award bearing courses of this type are subject to the General Board's periodic Learning and Teaching Reviews.

Statutes and Ordinances set out a Framework for the regulation of these awards in the sub-chapter on Diplomas and Certificates open to non-members of the University (Chapter VII, Section 27).

All diplomas and certificates offered under these regulations are subject to General Board approval and need to have the endorsement of a cognate Faculty Board (for undergraduate level awards) or Degree Committee (for graduate level awards).

Faculties, Departments and other institutions are not permitted to award their own local certificates and diplomas for credit-bearing courses. They may, however, provide local Certificates of Attendance for short, non-credit bearing courses, but care should be taken over appropriate branding; it should be clear to students that they are not taking or receiving a University award. Further advice and information on endorsement of non award-bearing programmes by the University's Board of Executive and Professional Education (BEPE) is available from the section for providers on the Executive and Professional Education website.