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Education Quality and Policy Office


Faculties and Departments should be open and transparent about their quality assurance processes. The Freedom of Information Act places a burden on the University as a whole to supply, on request, information which may be of public interest (this covers most University information). Moreover, other external regulators (Office for Students, Competition and Markets Authority) require publication of key information. The provision of information on publicly-accessible websites will, in many instances, obviate the need for specific requests. Further information about Freedom of Information is provided by the Registrary's Office.

Ideally, all information should be freely accessible to allow for ease of reference. The General Board expects faculties and departments to make the following resources available (electronically where possible via CamTools, Moodle or the web) to students and supervisors:

Programme specifications for all taught courses are published on the University's CamDATA website. Faculties and departments are encouraged to provide a link to 'CamDATA: course information and statistics' from their own websites.