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Education Quality and Policy Office


Faculties and departments should regularly review their teaching, learning and assessment activities (including curriculum content and design). Normally this would be at least annually, in response to triggers such as the consideration of examiners' reports, student feedback, and / or as part of a review of progression data.

The resources which are available to support teaching and learning should also be included in this review: the views of Librarians, Computer Officers, teaching laboratory technicians, and others involved in teaching and learning support should be sought as appropriate.

So far as postgraduate provision is concerned, there are a number of additional aspects which might figure in the review processes, such as:

  • the efficacy of the processes for admission of postgraduate students;
  • the appropriateness of training arrangements for new PhD students;
  • systems for acting on supervisors' progress reports;
  • PhD registration procedures;
  • systems for monitoring student progress beyond the first year;
  • means of identifying generic issues arising from PhD examiners' reports.

Students' views should be taken into account during the review.

The General Board recognise that in practice reviews are likely to take place throughout the academic year as matters arise, rather than necessarily as part of a single annual review. Such ongoing scrutiny allows matters to be dealt with in a timely way but an overall annual review of teaching courses is also recommended.

Review activities should be recorded (through minutes, draft copies of documentation or digests of the various inputs) so that the outcomes lead to appropriate action and are available as a starting point for future reviews.

External stimuli which are likely to affect local reviews include:

For further information please see the changes to courses section.