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Education Quality and Policy Office


The University's Annual Planning Round requires all institutions, through their Council of the School, to consider the strategic implications of their activities. As part of this exercise an institution will have reflected in a structured way on the teaching that it provides, and the resources that are required to provide it. Such reflection would provide a useful complement to a regular review of individual courses or papers by enabling an institution to take an overall view of how different elements of its teaching programme are coordinated and integrated.

Some institutions have taken this opportunity to draw up a separate local Learning and Teaching Strategy, which takes into consideration whether the institution has effective systems for ensuring and enhancing the quality of its courses and maintenance of the standards of the awards that it offers. Local learning and teaching strategies may build upon an assessment of risks facing the provision such as: changing preparation of students in schools, available resources (including retirements), changes in numbers of applications, the external funding regime, and new directions in the study of the subject.

Further information about risk assessment and management is available on the following sites:

Strategic planning attempts to establish the future picture of teaching and learning provision in an institution and identify means of realising it. It would take into account changes, both internal and external, which could affect the delivery of learning and teaching. Since learning and teaching provision impinges on and is affected by other activities in an institution, the strategy for learning and teaching would be part of an overall departmental or faculty strategy.

The benefits of having a strategy could include:

  • clearer articulation of the aims and purposes of the institution's teaching;

  • provision of teaching and assessment appropriate to those aims;
  • clearer responses to changes in the outside world which impinge on teaching (e.g. changes to school curricula or new developments in research);
  • more effective use of resources.


The University is currently reviewing its educational strategy; in the interim, the previous (2015-18) Learning and Teaching Strategy can be accessed from this link.