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The University is currently supporting a pilot programme for development of  Technology-Enabled Learning (‘TEL’). This programme is designed to help the University understand the capability needed to enhance education provision with TEL and to examine how this might be made available to other learner groups with different needs and constraints, where it is appropriate to do so.

Through a series of individual, local projects, we are learning more about how to develop new TEL content in teaching programmes, and about how that content can be used to enhance learning in both residential and non-residential settings.

You can download a summary of the TEL projects under development.  Questions about TELP and/or requests for TEL support may be directed to the project lead, Michael Cresswell.  

TEL Programme, Phase 2

Earlier this year, the Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), Graham Virgo, requested expressions of interest in the next phase of the Technology-enabled Learning (TEL) Programme, a collaborative venture between the Academic University and Cambridge University Press which aims to support the design, development and delivery of online and blended courses.

Shortly thereafter, the University was impacted by the effects of the novel coronavirus.  In responding to these extraordinary circumstances, it was decided that the efforts of the team responsible for delivery of the TEL Programme - including the Learning Designers, Learning Developers and Programme Managers based at Cambridge University Press - should be diverted to support that wider effort to move lectures and other teaching events online.

Over recent weeks, the TEL Programme team has worked alongside colleagues from Education Services and University Information Services to provide guidance and support to academics.  A series of webinars on Remote Teaching best-practices has recently concluded (session recordings and supporting materials are available via the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning's Teaching Remotely pages) and work is already underway to produce a series of online and blended course templates to help course teams to move their teaching online, whether in whole or in part, while maintaining student learning outcomes, promoting student engagement and finding the right balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning for students and teaching staff alike.

As a consequence of this shift in focus for the TEL Programme team, the call for proposals for the next phase of the programme has been delayed.  We anticipate releasing a call for Phase 2 projects early in the new year.

If you have any questions about the TEL Programme or the decision to delay the next phase of project work, please contact the TEL Programme Lead, Michael Cresswell: