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Education Quality and Policy Office


In June 2018, the University of Cambridge announced its intention to launch academic support programmes to provide additional assistance for students who may have suffered educational disruption or disadvantage.

The University’s Access and Participation Plan, approved by the Office for Students, includes a commitment to provide a Transition Year Programme (TYP) for students with the potential to achieve the standard for admission to Cambridge, but who have experienced educational disadvantage. 

For some students, the disadvantage they experience can create an insurmountable academic barrier to success in our standard admissions process. With targeted preparatory tuition, the TYP seeks to overcome educational disadvantage. It is aimed at high-potential students who would not otherwise, at the point of application, be able to meet our high entry requirements or be appropriately prepared for Tripos owing to educational disadvantage or disruption.

We are currently consulting widely on models for the implementation and delivery of this Transition Year at the University of Cambridge. We expect to share further detail in due course.

If you have any questions or would like further background information, please contact the Transition Year Course Director, Dr Alex Pryce, via