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Education Quality and Policy Office


A Project Board was convened in 2018, building on earlier work to develop the programme, and has representation from Heads of House, Senior Tutors, Admissions Tutors, Faculties and Departments and students.

The current membership is: 

Role Member
Chair Professor Graham Virgo, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), DOW
Head of House Baroness Sally Morgan, F
Representing Senior Tutors

Dr Mark Wormald, Secretary to the Senior Tutors' Committee, PEM

Dr Susan Larsen, Senior Tutor, W

Dr David Holburn, Associate Secretary to the Senior Tutors' Committee (Admissions), CAI

Dr Andrew Spencer, Senior Tutor, CAI

Representing Cambridge Admissions

Dr Sam Lucy, Director of Admissions for the Cambridge Colleges and Admissions Tutor, N

Mr Jon Beard, Director of the Cambridge Admissions Office, SEL

Dr Emily Tomlinson, Co-Chair of the Admissions Forum and Director of Admissions, CHR

Dr Sara Owen, Admissions Tutor (Arts), F

Representing Academic Departments

Professor Michael Moriarty, School of Arts and Humanities, PET

Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright, School of Physical Sciences, CHU

Representing the Institute for Continuing Education Dr James Gazzard, Director of the Institute for Continuing Education
Representing students

Ms Lily-Rose Sharry, Cambridge University Students' Union Access and Funding Officer

Mx Ali Hyde, Cambridge University Students' Union Education Officer

Representing professional services

Mrs Alice Benton, Head of Education Services

Dr Alex Pryce, Transition Year Course Director

Mrs Isobel Humphrey, Strategic Projects Lead, Education Quality and Policy

Mr Andrew Paterson, Senior Associate Director - Student Support, Development and Alumni Relations

Mr Stephen Bevan, Communications Manager