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Education Quality and Policy Office



Faculties and departments are expected to provide appropriate induction for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. This might be through special sessions and/or through course handbooks or a relevant website. Particular attention should be paid to IT facilities and to the avoidance of plagiarism. Attention should also be paid to relevant aspects of health and safety practice, particularly where students will be participating in lab or field work, or in external placements. Further information is available from the Health and Safety Office, Occupational Health and the University Information Services.

Colleges also provide induction activities. College activities for new students are usually confined to the first Monday and Tuesday of Michaelmas Term, leaving subsequent days for faculty or department activities.



Undergraduate student progress is monitored primarily through the College supervision and tutorial system. However, many University institutions also designate an officer to whom students can address issues or problems concerning specific faculty or department activities.

Detailed guidelines for monitoring the progress of research students can be found in the Code of Practice for research students.