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Educational and Student Policy


The Master’s Self-Evaluation process invites recently matriculated MPhil students to complete an evaluation form to inform their Department Supervisor and College Graduate Tutor how they are progressing with their course and to raise any issues. The process was established to enable the early detection and resolution of any problems or difficulties MPhil students might be facing, and, in the spirit of transparency and mutual cooperation, to facilitate a dialogue between Colleges and Departments regarding each MPhil student. 

The process runs in CamSIS and starts around the division of the Michaelmas Term and closes in Mid-January.

Each year in the following Easter Term, the Educational and Student Policy team review the responses to the form anonymously to report on student and academic response rates and any trends or common themes that emerge from the student’s reports.  A report is provided to the General Board’s Education Committee, Faculties/Departments, the Graduate Tutors’ Committee and College Tutorial Offices.


Download the 2015-16 report.   

Download the 2016-17 report


Download the technical guidance and FAQs for Students

Download the technical guidance and FAQs for Academics

View the video for Academics demonstrating how to respond to an evaluation form from a student 

Download the technical guidance and FAQs for Administrators

Poster, form and email

Download the 2017-18 poster

Download a copy of the email sent to students inviting them to participate

Download a copy of the 2016-17 Master’s Self Evaluation form 


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Master's Self-Evaluation process contact: Katherine Springthorpe