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Education Quality and Policy Office


From Michaelmas term 2018 a new online feedback and reporting system was introduced for postgraduate students, replacing the previous Graduate Supervision Reporting System (CGSRS).  Each term supervisors submit a report which will be immediately available to the student and their College Tutor, Department and Degree Committee.  Once a year, in Michaelmas term, students are also invited to submit a report, raising any problems or issues they may be facing and in later years giving a reflective account of their progress to date. 

Further information for supervisors can be found on the Student Registry's Graduate Supervision pages.

Further information for students can be found on the Cambridge Students Graduate Study pages.


Master's Self-Evaluation (2015-2018)

The Master’s Self-Evaluation process ran from 2015-2018.  During this time MPhil students were invited to complete an evaluation form in Michaelmas term to inform their Department Supervisor and College Graduate Tutor about progress with their course and to raise any issues. The process was established to enable the early detection and resolution of any problems or difficulties MPhil students might be facing, and, in the spirit of transparency and mutual cooperation, to facilitate a dialogue between Colleges and Departments regarding each MPhil student. 

Each year in the following Easter Term, the Educational and Student Policy team reviewed reports submitted by students and responses by academics to report on student and academic response rates and any trends or common themes that emerge from the students’ reports.  Reports were provided to the General Board’s Education Committee, Faculties/Departments, the Graduate Tutors’ Committee and College Tutorial Offices.


Reports on the Master's Self-Evaluation project in 2015-16 and 2016-17 are available to members of the University (Raven-login only) here: Master's Self-Evaluation Reports

Building on the success of the MPhil Self-Evaluation under the new Postgraduate Feedback and Reporting System (PFRS) most postgraduate students will be able to submit a reflective evaluation report in Michaelmas term.