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Education Quality and Policy Office


The University ran the Student Baromenter survey between 2018-2021.  In 2021 the General Board's Education Committee agreed to cease the Barometer and revert back to PTES/PRES.


About the survey

The Student Barometer (SB) is a service made available by i-graduate to Higher Education Institutions globally. It is designed to help institutions enhance the quality of their degree provision by collecting feedback from current students in a systematic and user-friendly way. The survey allows for both national and international benchmarking.

The online survey invites students to rate their satisfaction levels and provide comments in the following areas:

  • Decision-making
  • Application process
  • Arrival and orientation experience
  • Learning experience
  • Living experience
  • Support services
  • Recommendation
  • Future plans

For further information about the Student Barometer, please contact Marianna Kaimaki (

Survey dates and target population

Open/close dates: The survey runs between November and December annually. **Note that from 2021 the survey will no longer be run

Eligible students: non-final year undergraduates, research postgraduates and taught postgraduates.

Promotion: Students will receive a link.

Data analysis and publication

Survey results are expected to come out in Easter Term 2020 and will be disseminated via Tableau Server.

Consideration of the results within the University

The Education Quality and Policy Office prepares a top-level summary report for the General Board's Education Committee's review. Faculties/Departments are also asked to consider their results internally. Where results are not satisfactory, Faculties/Departments are contacted to either provide a response (and if relevant an action plan) or they are invited to a meeting with the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education to discuss the feedback received and any actions that need to be taken.