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Education Quality and Policy Office


The General Board's Education Committee, at its meeting of 2 October 2020, approved the following clarifying statement with regard to the requirement to record lectures in the academic year 2020-21:

Teaching in the academic year 2020-21 will be delivered by a blend of in-person and online teaching. The balance of the blend will depend on the stringency of social distancing and other regulations in force at the time.  Lectures, defined as large-scale, non-participatory sessions, will all normally be delivered online.  Where possible, teaching by seminars, practicals, supervisions or other interactive formats will be delivered in person, and it may even be possible for lectures to smaller groups to be given on this basis.  While we wish to encourage in-person teaching wherever possible, no member of staff will be compelled to participate in such teaching if they have concerns about their health and wellbeing.  If large-scale lecturing in person becomes permissible, the university will reintroduce it as soon as possible.   

Whether delivered in-person or online, for this academic year only it is expected that all lectures will be recorded.  Exceptions will be permitted where the content of the session would risk the safety or security of students or staff.  Lectures are only one part of the rich education that Cambridge offers, and at this time there is no requirement to record other types of sessions; however, lecturers should be mindful that any students unable to attend in-person sessions are provided with appropriate alternatives to engage with the intended learning outcomes.  Guidance on the conversion of face-to-face teaching to online formats is available from the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning