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Education Quality and Policy Office


Education Quality and Policy Office
Student Services Centre
Bene't Street
Cambridge CB2 3PT  

Members of the team are shown below; you can also access a list of institutions and projects with key contacts.  General enquiries should be sent to 


Gemma Long Gemma Long, Head of Education Quality & Policy

Gemma manages the day-to-day business of the section and works closely with Alice to ensure strategic priorities are taken forward, and to monitor adherence to internal and external quality assurance procedures.

  Kerri Gardiner, Head of PGR Policy and Practice

Kerri's focus is postgraduate research (PGR) students.  She has an overview of matters relating to postgraduate research students and supervisors and brings together activity across the collegiate University.  Kerri leads on policy development, quality assurance and practice relating to PGR students and supervisors, and works closely with colleaqgues in Postgraduate Admissions, Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning and Student Operations.  Kerri is the Secretary to the Postgraduate Committee and the Postgraduate Tutors' Committee.

 Andi Bawden, Administrative Officer

Andi is the Liaison Officer for the School of Arts and Humanities and the Language Centre.  She also provides support to the Doctoral Training Partnerships Committee and the Student Finance and Welfare Committee.

Picture of Jo Overhill Emma Dollard, Administrative Officer

Emma is the Liaision Officer for the Faculty of Education; the School of Clinical Medicine; the Medical Sciences and Veterinary Sciences Triposes; the Department of Veterinary Medicine and the Institute of Continuing Education.  She is the Secretary to the Academic Standards and Enhancement Committee (ASEC) and the Senior Tutors' Standing Committee on Education (STEC).  She is responsible for the Education Monitoring and Review (EMR) pilot; and leads on taught course approval and course modification policy and process.  She is also responsible for the Foreign Travel Fund.


  Cali Jakes, Quality & Policy Manager

Cali is the Liaison Officer for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, except the Faculty of Education.  She is the Secretary to the Health and Wellbeing Committee and provides administrative support for a number of other University and College committees.

Marianna Kaimaki    Marianna Kaimaki, Administrative Officer

Marianna is the Liaison Officer for Departments within the School of Biological Sciences (excluding Veterinary Medicine), the School of Physical Sciences and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science.  She is also responsible for managing the University-wide student surveys (National Student Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, Postgraduate Research Experience Survey).


 Emma Paulus, Administrative Officer

Emma is the Liaison Officer for Departments within the School of Technology.  She is the Secretary to the Examinations and Assessment Committee (EAC) and oversees matters relating to the Appointment of Examiners and Assessors, and policies relating to assessment.

Melissa Rielly    Melissa Rielly, Administrative Officer

Melissa provides support for the Technology-Enabled Learning Service and contributes to strategic planning in the use of technology for teaching and learning at Cambridge.  She is responsible for managing the University’s Unistats return, and technological support for education including Turnitin and the Timetable system.


Lauren Magilton, Policy and Programmes Coordinator

Lauren is responsible for supporting the development, curation, and review of policies across the team.

  Alistair Swiffen, Doctoral Training Programme Coordinator

Alistair is responsible for supporting postgraduate research programmes funded by UKRI, Wellcome Trust and other major external funding bodies.  In this role, he provides support to the Doctoral Training Partnerships Committee and the Doctoral Training Programme Administrators' Forum

Marie Dixon, Quality & Policy Manager (PGR)

Marie is responsible for supporting policy and process for postgraduate research programmes.

 Sarah Cook, Office Manager

Sarah assists in the appointment of Examiners and Assessors for degrees, and supports Committee meetings for all areas.  She provides general administrative support and can help you find the right member of the team to assist with your query.