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Education Quality and Policy Office


On this page you will find policy and supporting guidance regarding the recording of teaching sessions. Note that some of this content is currently being updated for the 2023-24 academic year.


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Policy on recordings of teaching materials/lectures, and other teaching, learning and assessment activities

This policy was originally introduced with effect from Mon, 5 Oct 2020; recordings made prior to this date will be managed by previous policies.

2 July 2021 June 2024


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Guidance on recording in 2023-24 8 Aug 2023 May 2024

Information sheets (ownership, rights, and consent)

Oct 2023

Guidance on re-use of material in 2021-22 June 2021 not planned
Panopto End User Licence Agreement; this is the text presented to users the first time they access Panopto, agreement is required before content may be viewed or created Oct 2022 not planned


Consent must be sought from any participant whose contribution is mandatory or expected in order to meet the learning objectives of the session (see the Policy above for details).  The following templates have been provided to aid in gathering consent, but you are not required to use them and consent may be granted in a variety of ways, including via email or verbally.  Where consent is obtained via any method other than the template forms below, it is taken as agreement to all items as outlined on the template unless otherwise specified in writing.  

It is the lecturer's or session leader's responsibility to maintain records of consent where applicable.  These should be retained for as long as the material is retained for use.

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Template consent forms for:

August 2023 June 2024

Template statement for students; to assist lecturers in notifying students that recordings will be made

Oct 2023