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Education Quality and Policy Office


Students' views are important in assuring and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.  These pages outline some of the ways in which we seek to engage students in the creation and dissemination of good practice.

The General Board considers that the main purposes of gathering feedback are to:

  • endeavour to match learning and teaching provision to students' needs;
  • provide information for course design;
  • help further develop teaching skills;
  • provide information to University bodies on the way the University works from a student's perspective;
  • enable students to participate in organisation of their learning and in the governance of the University;
  • identify good practice in learning and teaching;
  • inform policy developments and resource allocation at central and local level.

A diagram to show levels of consultation and discussion with students can be downloaded (pdf format). 

The University aims to engage students at several levels:

Engagement with the University

  • Student representation on central bodies

Students are represented on many of the University's central bodies including the: Council, General Board (and its Education Committee,) the Planning and Resources Committee, University Library Syndicate, and Senior Tutors' Committee. Further information about the role of many of these bodies in quality assurance and enhancement can be found in the Committee structures section of this site.

  • Student membership of Learning and Teaching Review Committees

A student representative will be a member of each General Board Learning and Teaching Review (LTR) Committee.

  • Externally conducted institution-wide surveys

The University participates in a number of national, institution-wide surveys including the National Student Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, Postgraduate Research Experience Survey and Destination of Leavers of Higher Education Survey. For further information see the University-wide surveys page.

  • Online surveys

The University supports several survey tools; for further details about which suit your needs, contact University Information Services.

Engagement with Schools, Faculties and Departments

Engagement with Colleges

The nature of student engagement will vary by College but will generally include:

  • Regular meetings with Directors of Studies, Supervisors and Tutors
  • Self-assessment forms
  • Supervision comment forms
  • Representation on College bodies and staff-student joint committees

The role of the Students' Union

The Cambridge Students' Union (CSU) may conduct their own surveys and gather information from faculty and College representatives which they can feedback to the University.