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This page summarises the University’s policy regarding recordings of teaching material or sessions.  You can view the full Policy on Recordings of Teaching Materials and Lectures here.  We hope that students will support our endeavours to provide recorded teaching material and recordings of teaching sessions. 

Where teaching sessions are recorded, you will be provided with access to the recording, which you may use only for your own private study or non-commercial research.  Access to recordings will be managed by your course and may be of time-limited duration.  You may not share or disseminate the recording or material from it, including excerpts, in any format or media.  Breaches may be subject to disciplinary action.   

Your consent is not required for every type of teaching session, but for any teaching session where your contribution is mandatory or expected (for example, supervisions or small-group discussion sessions), we must seek your consent to be recorded.  This consent may be given verbally or in writing; you may be given the University’s Lecture Capture Consent Form: Students or you may be asked at the start of the session. 

By giving consent, you agree to the following: 

  1. I have been given information and a link to the University’s Policy on the Recording of Teaching Materials/Lectures, and other Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Activities.  
  2. My personal data (including my image, voice, opinions, etc.) will be recorded and managed in line with the University’s Statement of Records Management Practice. Full details about how your data is managed is available in the relevant privacy notice on the Information Compliance website
  3. I understand that I am not obliged to give this consent, and have the right to withdraw my consent after it has been given.   

If you do not agree to the statements above, please notify your session leader immediately.  If you do not consent, or if your consent is later withdrawn, the recording may not be made available unless your contribution can be removed. 

Your consent is not required when your contribution is optional, not expected, or otherwise not required in order to meet the learning objectives of the session, provided that you have been notified that: (a) the session will be recorded, and (b) that you have the right to request that you are not recorded, and to seek guidance on how to ensure this is the case.  This may entail either being seated in a particular part of the room, or turning off your camera/microphone for virtual sessions.  Students are advised to approach the relevant session leader in good time prior to the session, to ensure that they may be advised appropriately.  

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