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Education Quality and Policy Office


Important Notices

The Foreign Travel Fund will continue to be administered by the section but the amount available will be unlikely to meet demand. Awards will be made on a gathered field basis three times per year, at the divisions of each of the Michaelmas, Lent, and Easter Terms. £30,000 will be made available in 2023-24, representing £10,000 each term. Upper limits will remain unchanged (currently £500 for conferences, and £800 for research trips). Allocations will be made to applicants at the division of each term, based on the amount of funding requested at each division, which will be reduced proportionately as necessary.

All other enquiries about funds for travelling expenses should be directed to your Institution or School.

Regrettably certain categories of staff are NOT eligible for these funds, including STUDENTS and RESEARCH ASSOCIATES.


Foreign Travel Fund (FTF)

The Foreign Travel Fund is for resident members of the Senate aged at least 50 years who wish to travel abroad, with a view of extending their knowledge in any branch of learning with which their teaching or research is concerned.

Applications for grants should be submitted to the Education Quality and Policy Office before the proposed expenditure is incurred, with an estimate of the amount and any other information.

Guidelines and application form

An application form for the FTF can be downloaded in either word or pdf format (last updated 29 June 2023):

Download the FTF guidelines
Download the application form in word format
Download the application form in pdf format

If you are unable to view or print these forms, please contact .