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Education Quality and Policy Office

The University's Quality Assurance Framework can be viewed here.

The Education Quality and Policy Office (EQPO) is responsible for the quality assurance of all taught higher education provision, and for University-wide education-related policies. This work is informed by close liaison with central committees and in collaboration with Schools, Faculties, Departments, and Colleges.  We ensure compliance with the Office for Students’ education-related registration conditions and alignment with sector standards.  Our core activities include:

  • Advising faculties and departments on course and other regulations in the Statutes and Ordinances.
  • Providing guidance and support in the development of new courses and revision of current courses.  
  • Regularly reviewing courses via a process which encourages staff to reflect on student experience, outcomes, and feedback.  
  • Reviewing external examiner reports and liaising with faculties and departments as appropriate.
  • Reviewing programme specifications to ensure they are current and reflective of the course as taught, and that they clearly map teaching and curricula to student outcomes and objectives.
  • Ensuring entries in the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses provide clear, accurate and useful information for potential students.

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