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Education Quality and Policy Office

The Education Quality and Policy Office (formerly Educational and Student Policy) is responsible for three key areas: Quality Assurance, Enhancement of teaching and learning, and Student health and wellbeing. This business is conducted primarily through two main Committees, and their Sub-committees: the General Board's Education Committee and the University's Committee on Student Health and Wellbeing.  

Officers of EQPO also provide administrative support to the Senior Tutors' Committee and its standing Committees.

Quality assurance

The University's quality assurance procedures provide a framework within which its institutions can examine and enhance their teaching activities.

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Curricula and assessment

These pages look at how the curriculum and assessment underpin learning and teaching, and encourages a strategic reflection on educational activities.

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Student engagement

Students' views are important in assuring and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. 

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Supporting students in learning and teaching

These pages provide you with further information about policies to support students in learning and teaching and welfare.

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Information about general Committee structures within the University, as well as further details about the Committees involved in teaching and learning. 

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Policy index & FAQs

These pages provide quick links to the main policy documents and guidance areas on Educational and Student Policy's website. 

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